WASHINGTON — Gov. Chris Christie's former personal lawyer, Christopher Wray,  is set to become the next director of the FBI.

President Donald Trump, in a tweet Wednesday morning, announced the nomination and called Wray "a man of impeccable credentials."

Last week, after Wray, 50,  emerged as a candidate, Christie said is an "outstanding guy" and the president "would not be making a mistake if he asked Chris Wray to be FBI Director."  Christie was confident Wray would provide great leadership at the FBI.

He said they had worked together a lot when both worked in the state attorney general's office on a case against Bristol Myers Squibb.

The governor would not say if he recommended Wray to the president.

Wray was a former U.S. assistant attorney general who represented the governor following the Bridgegate scandal.

Wray served in a leadership role in the George W. Bush Justice Department, rising to head the criminal division and overseeing investigations into corporate fraud, during the time when Comey was deputy attorney general. Wray took charge of a task force of prosecutors and FBI agents created to investigate the Enron scandal.

Wray has been a partner in the King & Spalding law firm in 2005 and works in their Atlanta, Washington and New York offices. He received his law degree from Yale in 1992.

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