ATLANTIC CITY — The Coast Guard performed their second rescue off the New Jersey coastline of the weekend.

A helicopter was launched from Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City on Sunday morning after the crew of a fishing vessel 65 miles off the coast reported a 51-year-old man became disoriented and had difficulty breathing.

The man was hoisted onto the MH-65 Dolphin helicopter, and taken to Atlantic City Trauma Center.

Lt. Maggie Champlin, a pilot of the helicopter, said the late spring weather presented a challenge in terms of visibility, but their training allowed the crew to successfully complete the mission.

The Coast Guard was called out on Saturday and used a cell phone to help locate a man who became disoriented and ran his boat aground near Little Egg Inlet.

His daughter said he became disoriented and may have needed his insulin. Working with the man's cell phone provider he was located on the southern side of the Inlet.

The identities of both rescued men were not disclosed by the Coast Guard.

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