A cruise ship that left from the harbor of New York encountered and extreme wind gust off the coast of the Northeast late Sunday, injuring some passengers.

Officials with Norwegian Cruise Line confirmed the news that their ship, the Norwegian Escape, encountered the freak wind gust just before midnight Sunday. The ship departed from New York earlier in the evening.

It's estimated that the ship encountered a 115 MPH gust of wind.

Passengers posted videos of the incident online showing objects blowing around the ship:

"Several injuries were reported and those guests and crew received immediate attention and were treated by the ship’s medical staff. There was no damage to the ship; she remains fully operational," the cruise line wrote in a statement.

Passengers shared images and videos showing objects that had been damaged in the incident:

The cruise ship continued on for its scheduled itinerary, arriving as scheduled in Port Canaveral around lunchtime Tuesday, according to multiple published reports.

“As of now, about eight passengers have been transported from the cruise terminal to Cape Canaveral Hospital and Holmes Regional Medical Center,” a Pat Guerry, a local hospital official confirmed to the newspaper.

The passenger who shared the first video embedded above, AJ Black, lauded the ship's staff for how they handled the emergency. He wrote on Twitter that "everything was quickly brought back in order."

The ship, which can hold approximately 4,200 guests, will continue on to the Bahamas this week before returning home to New York.

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