It's cash for candy!

If you and your kids have had your fill of their trick-or-treating haul, trade it in for some money.

If you can stand to part with those fun-size Snickers and mini Reese's PB Cups, Brickworks Dental in Mays Landing will give you $1 per pound of leftover Halloween candy, up to ten pounds.

You can bring them your treats during the following days and times:

  • Mon., Nov. 5th from 9A-5P
  • Tue., Nov. 6th from 9A-8P
  • Wed., Nov. 7th from 9A-8P
  • Thu., Nov. 8th from 9A-5P
  • Fri., Nov. 9th from 9A-5P

Brickworks Dental is located at 5429 Harding Hwy., Suite 101, in Mays Landing.