If you thought Seth Grossman's comments about diversity are astonishingly politically incorrect, you probably hadn't been following him.

The Republican running for an open Congressional seat in South Jersey also has made eyebrow-raising comments about Muslims, gay men with HIV and black Americans, according to a CNN report that dug into Grossman's Facebook posts and writings.

Grossman, a failed gubernatorial candidate who is running against Democratic state Sen. Jeff Van Drew for the seat being vacated by Republican U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, caused a stir this month when a video surfaced of him describing diversity as "crap."

Grossman, however, did not back down from his remarks. He even shared a Philadelphia Daily News cover depicting him as a cave man.

Seth Grossman Daily News

Last week he said a law enforcement diversity initiative by the state Attorney General's Office would "make a mockery of the law and will put the public in great danger.”

In online posts dug up by CNN, Grossman called Islam a "cancer." Said gay men HIV should have been quarantined. He also complained about Black History Month taking up all of February and described Kwanzaa as "a phony holiday invented in 1960's by black racists to weaken and divide Americans during a Christmas season of joy and good will."

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