MULLICA TOWNSHIP — Fire and rescue personnel pulled a K9 out of a South Jersey lake on Wednesday.

Mullica Township Police said the Mullica Twp Fire Department and Sweetwater Fire Department Cold Water Rescue Unit rescued Quincy, a German shepherd, out of a body of water along Jackson Road on Wednesday.

Video of the rescue shows a rescue worker in a row boat on the ice attached to a rope helping Quincy climb out of the ice. A soaking wet Quincy got up on all fours, shook himself off and trotted over to the other rescue workers calling him over to the edge of the pond.

The incident serves as a warning that even with the recent cold snap, frozen lakes and ponds should be approached with caution, and are never totally safe to walk or skate on.

New Jersey state climatologist Dave Robinson said many lakes, streams and some ponds may have currents of water flowing or springs bubbling up that are circulating right beneath the frozen surface. So if you step on them, the ice will break and you’ll plunge into freezing water.

He noted it’s not uncommon during the winter to find a body of water in Jersey that’s frozen with 6 to 12 inches of ice in most parts of it, “yet I could still find a part of that pond or lake where there was a spring bubbling up.”