EVESHAM — Police in a Burlington County town have issued a warning about a "potential lethal batch" of heroin after a series of reported overdoses.

The alert was issued Saturday by police in following four suspected heroin overdoses in the town in the past 24 hours.

Evesham Police spokesman Lt. Joseph Friel said his department is at the beginning stages of its investigation and he could not disclose what specifically made this batch lethal.

"I know in the past whether it's a higher fentanyl content or sometimes whoever is the distributor cuts it with something that may be different or poisonious it can have negative effects," Friel said.

Evesham is located next to Voorhees where three Toms River men were found dead on Thursday from a drug overdose inside a room at the Wingate Inn. It's not known if there is a connection between the alert and the overdose incident.

Friel said that he was not aware of any connection between the Voorhees overdoses and the tainted heroin.

Police Capt. Carmen Del Palazzo told the Townsquare News Network that the men were staying at the hotel while they worked on an HVAC project in the area. The identities of the men have not yet been disclosed, but Del Palazzo said two were 39-years-old and the third was 40-years-old.

Friel said the intent of the alert was to make those with family or friends aware of the threat. He urged anyone to call 911 immediately if they become aware of anyone having an overdose.

The alert contained a summary of New Jersey's Good Samaritan Fatal Overdose Prevention Statue that gives immunity to those who seek assistance "in good faith" for someone experiencing an overdose.

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