The former president of a South Jersey school association has been arrested in connection with the theft of over $26,000 the organization’s bank account.

Donna Walters of Folsom NJ - Photo: New Jersey State Police

According to a statement from the New Jersey State Police, 55-year-old Donna Walters of Folsom is now facing theft and credit card fraud charges.

On July 25th, troopers were made aware of suspicious activity on the Folsom Home and School Association's bank account by its board members. After a complete audit of bank records, it was determined that Walters had used the association’s bank accounts for personal use and spent thousands of dollars over the course of three years. Detectives obtained Walters’ personal bank records and after a review, dozens of transactions were deemed suspicious.

On Wednesday, September 7th, Walters was arrested, charged, and later lodged in the Atlantic County Justice Facility in lieu of $30,000 bail.


SOURCE: New Jersey State Police