MIDDLE TOWNSHIP — A South Jersey woman who found an SD card near New York's Freedom Tower said she has heard from its rightful owner.

Tammy Tozer said a member of the Rundfunkchoir Berlin (Berlin Radio Choir), which has been performing at the Lincoln Center White Light Festival, saw one of the pictures during a news report on the SD card.

"He's been in New York for the past week and he dropped the SD card around the time I picked it up," Tozer told Townsquare Media.

Tozer was in New York last weekend with her husband and son to celebrate their wedding anniversary when she spotted the card.

"He was taking pictures of the Berlin Radio Choir traveling different places. They were shooting a music video in one set of pictures. He was happy that I found them," Tozer said.

Tozer said he needed a translator to speak with her. He identified some of the 1,800 photos on the card that she did not make public.

"He didn't realize it was missing ... until he saw the pictures on the news. He looked up at the TV and said 'those are my pictures.'"

Tozer is going to meet the man at a church in Times Square. The owner has not offered her a reward but "maybe I'll get to see them sing," Tozer said.

"I wasn't sure that I would be able to find the owner. It's nice to know he came forward because of the effort I made," Tozer said. "I would be devastated if I lost all those pictures."

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