When can we recall anything like this?

The national and New Jersey media is obsessing about Governor Chris Christie in a fanatical way.

Now, they're going all the way back to 1994 and a television commercial that Governor Christie ran as a county candidate.

They're trying to connect dots ... even when there are no dots to connect ... no problem; They make their own.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who is Hamilton Township Committeewoman Judy Link's Aunt (who performed her oath of office ceremony here in Atlantic County) is suddenly saying horrible things about Governor Chrisitie. This, of course, after saying so many incredibly positive things about Governor Christie in the very recent past.

Suddenly, it's open season on Governor Christie. Anything goes. Just say it and the national media will repeat it. No fact checking is required.

Take CNN's major breaking news exclusive last week that the federal government had opened a new investigation into Christie involving the Stronger then The Storm Television commercials. The only problem with this ... there was not a federal investigation ... Congressman Pallone snookered the national media and they happily repeated it again and again and again.

The United States Attorney and other federal entities jumped on the New Jersey Democrats allegations about Christie faster then anything I've ever seen.

The very same day that the Assembly Democrats announced their allegations about Christie, the US Attorney confirmed an investigation was already launched and that they asked the FBI to get involved with them.

Talk about rapid fire. Wow.

The Democrats launched their Christie Witch Hunt on January 8, 2014 ... By January 13th, just 5 days later ... the Assembly and Senate Democrats had already named not one, but 2 Special Investigative Committees, complete with Special Counsels and unlimited Subpoena power.

If Congressional House Republicans ever did this with Obama ... the national media would lose its collective, united pro-Obama minds and immediately come to Obama's aid.

Democrats have the political killer instinct and never get criticized for it. Republicans don't possess this character trait and yet they get much more harsh treatment by the national media then do Democrats.

You ain't seen nothing yet. These very same Democrats, who ran television ads 3 months ago with how close they have worked with Governor Christie ... have just begun this relentless smear campaign.