CAMDEN — Camden County Police are looking for a person they say struck an officer with an ATV on Saturday night.

Officers responded to a report of someone tampering with equipment at East Coast Gas on Newton Avenue around 11:15 a.m. and ordered the person to stop, according to police. The driver instead drove his ATV toward the patrol car and hit the passenger door.

Officer Nicole Berry was hit by the door on impact and was injured. Detective Kenneth Egan, who ran around the back of the car from the driver's side to the passengers side,  was also struck by the ATV.

A video of the incident posted by Camden County police also points out a person of interest riding an ATV, but does not provide further information.

The officers were taken to Cooper University Medical center and released following treatment of their injuries.

Camden County Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call them at 856-757-7042.

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