Just over a year ago, I wrote about the incredible love story of Venus and Sal on their 60th wedding anniversary. Now they have both lost their battle with the virus -- but at least they left here together.

For the past several years I have had the great honor of being friends with Venus and Sal, who have been inspirational to so many people throughout Monmouth County and beyond. They met in high school at a dance on Valentine's Day, were married 2 months later (yep!) and have since touched the hearts of everyone they ever met.

Venus and Sal have one of those great love stories that you rarely ever see anymore. They have been role models for younger generations, and the love they shared for each other, their son Billy, their granddaughter Jessie and her husband Danny, and their great-grandchildren Maddie (11) and Mackenzie (8).

Jessie recently described her grandfather Sal as the left hand of her piano playing and the man that taught her and her children to spend their lives dancing.

Billy Pisciotta, Venus and Sal's son, is an awesome guitar player who performs with several bands around the Jersey Shore.

(Sal and Venus dancing, photo from Liz Jeressi)
(Sal and Venus dancing, photo from Liz Jeressi)

And Sal and Venus had front row seats for every single show. They would get up and dance together for each and every performance and the crowd would swoon over the love they have for each other and their son. They were so very proud of him and if it meant staying up to close out the bar at 1 am and be there for the last song of the final set, they would gladly do it.

They also had the strongest faith in God that I have ever seen. I sat next to them through several church services because our sons would sometimes perform together at church services alongside our angel, powerhouse singer BethAnne Clayton, who was also taken from us this year.

This has been a time for much loss, heartache and pain as the insipid COVID-19 takes too many of our loved ones from us, many of them elderly. Our hearts are crying.

But for Sal and Venus, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Sal left first in order to escort his beautiful bride to Heaven where they can once again dance together.

Billy had been taking care of his parents after his dad had gone for surgery to get a pacemaker. Even at home recuperating, Sal noticed that his son Billy had developed a cough, and called the doctor himself to get Billy the treatment that probably saved his life from the virus. But Billy was beside himself when both of his parents ended up unable to survive the coronavirus and died within hours of each other in the hospital.

(Venus and Sal Dancing at Barnacle Bill's, photo from Liz Jeressi)
(Venus and Sal Dancing at Barnacle Bill's, photo from Liz Jeressi)

Billy, my heart goes out to you. Never has a son been so good to his parents and your love and care for them was boundless. Until we are allowed to gather for a proper tribute to Sal and Venus, we are surrounding you with love. And your parents will have front row seats from Heaven for every one of your future performances.

So until we meet again, farewell to the most beautiful couple I ever knew. We love you forever, we love you for always, Venus and Sal.

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