The summer tourist season is coming to a gray, unpleasant end along the Jersey Shore, punctuated by a violent ocean that could linger for days after Tropical Storm Hermine pulls away.

The storm, which made landfall Thursday in Florida, is expected to produce rough surf, dangerous rip currents and beach erosion over the long holiday weekend, no matter how much wind or rain New Jersey experiences.

"Even a foot or two of surge could cause minor to moderate coastal flooding and beach erosion and other problems like that," said WPG Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

Rough surf and rip currents have been an issue off of New Jersey for the past several days due to other tropical systems.

The most-likely track has Hermine passing just off the Atlantic coast, but there's still a wide range of outcomes. It could push further out to sea or pass right over the Garden State.

"We're still going to feel those coastal impacts no matter where the storm ends up," Zarrow added.

Tropical deluges further inland are possible, which could cause flooding of streets, streams and river, but the primary concern is along the coast, Zarrow said.

His latest timeline suggests Hermine will deliver its worst to New Jersey from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night. Rough waters can continue, however, a day or two after the storm passes.

For those who can't bear a Labor Day weekend without a visit to the beach, a few hours of sun may be an option early Saturday.

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