Do you have a cell phone dependency? Do you pick up your cell just to check it and find yourself still aimlessly scrolling an hour later? Is your phone constantly by your side? Do you want to spend less time on your phone but don’t know how?

If this sounds like you, you might want to learn how to break up with your phone.

That is the title of a new book by award-winning journalist Catherine price. The book covers how phones and apps are designed to be addictive and how the time we spend on them can affect our ability to focus, think deeply and form new memories. She recommends customizing your settings, apps, environment and mindset to take control of your cell phone obsession.

The point isn't to get rid of your phone; it's to create a healthier relationship with it. She says the only prerequisite is a desire to be happier, healthier, less stressed, more productive,and better rested.

Good Morning America recently featured a 7-Day phone breakup challenge, which is a good place to get a taste of the full 30 day challenge. Check out a step-by-step guide to the challenge and the new book - "How To Break Up With Your Phone."

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