Hurley in the Morning has learned and confirmed that there is now a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement investigation regarding Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam.

This is in addition to the initial investigation into a $10,000 check that Gilliam deposited into his individual campaign account that was made payable to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

State and Federal criminal investigations are now open and active.

I have also confirmed that Atlantic City Councilman-at-Large George Tibbitt is a potential victim of theft regarding some of his campaign contributions that were allegedly intercepted by Gilliam and his Campaign Manager, Rich Winstead.

Multiple well placed sources have confirmed the following to me:

  • Tibbitt has been contacted by and has met directly with state and federal law enforcement authorities.
  • Multiple campaign contributions, made payable to Tibbitt, were allegedly deposited into Gilliam’s individual campaign account.
  • An extensive digital footprint of evidence exists.
  • It appears that the same former bank teller that handled the $10,000 check deposit into Gilliam’s account may have handled multiple other alleged Gilliam transactions.

I have contacted Atlantic City Councilman-at-Large George Tibbitt, who was not able to speak about specific details regarding the pending criminal investigations.

Tibbitt did confirm that he has been contacted by and did meet with state and federal law enforcement officials at their request.

Tibbitt also confirmed to me that he has never given Gilliam or anyone else permission negotiate any campaign contributions intended for him.

Due to the ongoing criminal investigations, Tibbitt is unable to appear on-air to discuss this matter further at this time.

I hope to obtain an exclusive interview with Tibbitt in the future to discuss further.

Developing. #ReadySetSteal

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