They waited until a rain-soaked, blustery Saturday to do the dirty deed.

The Atlantic City Marty Small administration has gotten its way.

They have removed Fish Heads seafood sandwich restaurant from its long-held place in Gardner’s Basin.

Owner Gregory “Dredgie” Wood is a good man, who has operated his business for 25 years in Atlantic City, with the past 6-7 years in Gardner’s Basin.

Now, instead, Fish Heads Restaurant sits impounded in the Atlantic City Police Tow Lot.

How was the good interest of the tax-paying public served by a decision like this?

So many within Atlantic City and the surrounding communities have come out strong for the past several weeks to advocate for Fish Heads.

New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina worked faithfully to try and turn this around in Woods’ favor.

We caught-up with Senator Polistina, who said:

This is an extremely unfortunate result to a situation that was easily preventable. The City can’t accomplish easy tasks like picking up trash throughout the City and getting light bulbs replaced, but wastes no time shutting down a hard-working minority business owner out of nothing but spite. Once again, hypocritical democrats that always scrounge for votes in communities of color at election time are nowhere to be found when there is an opportunity to engage to promote and help people after elections are over.

“Mayor Small contends that the New Jersey State Department of environmental protection is behind the move,” concluded Polistina.

Almost no one is buying this story from Small.  Numerous public officials have confirmed that Small’s wife, La’Quetta had a negative verbal encounter with Wood that our multiple sources have publicly confirmed was instigated by La’Quetta.

The long-held belief is that Woods’ days were numbered in Gardner’s Basin ever since last summer’s negative encounter with La’Quetta Small.

Wood received an email last week, advising him that he must remove his large Restaurant food truck from Gardner’s Basin by Friday, Friday, April 29.

We spoke with Wood last week when he made the decision to stay put.

We have confirmed that Mayor Small took the official action to have Fish Heads Restaurant removed and taken to the Atlantic City Police Tow Lot (The Old Two Guys site) on the Black Horse Pike.


Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

This is a very unfortunate day when the last remaining African-American-owned business in Atlantic City‘s Gardner‘s Basin is removed for no good reason… rather, because of likely revengeful politics by Marty Small.

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