Police in Ocean City confirmed that a young person was stabbed Saturday night on the Ocean City Boardwalk. The stabbing comes during a very busy Memorial Day Weekend at the Jersey Shore.

A Stabbing on the Ocean City Boardwalk

NBC10 reports that Ocean City Police confirmed Sunday that a young person was stabbed Saturday night on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

There has been extensive social media chatter about the incident which police say the incident took place at about 9:10 on Saturday

The report doesn't give the victim's identity or age, saying only that a young person was stabbed during a busy night on the Ocean City Boardwalk in the area of 9th Street.

In a TikTok video seen below, a large group of frightened bystanders can be seen running down the 12 Street ramp to get off the Boardwalk after the stabbing had occurred.

What is Known About the Stabbing

Police said a juvenile was stabbed in an incident that happened on the boardwalk between 9th and 10th streets.

As of about 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, police have provided no further information on the incident -- specifically, they could not confirm the age, gender, or condition of the individual who was stabbed other than saying they were a juvenile.

However, law enforcement officials have said they plan to provide an update on this incident sometime on Sunday, according to NBC10.

Social Media Reacts to Ocean City Boardwalk Stabbing

People have been reacting in large numbers to the news of a stabbing on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Here's a sample of comments seen on Facebook on Sunday morning...

I’ve been a resident or visitor my whole life. This is totally unacceptable. No unchaperoned minors on the boardwalk after dark, PERIOD.


PARENTS this is on US!! We all know the “old days” are gone. KIDS ARE DIFFERENT!! Kids have a BIG sense of entitlement, have very little respect for authority, have a very loose curfew if any, and social media.


Thank the governor who put the new law in place that cops can’t do anything to juveniles so they can do whatever they want.

@jpm5041 These damn hood rats wont be happy until ocean city is destroyed. These kids are deplorables. I feel so bad for the elderly who get caught in this… ocean city NJ 12th and boardwalk. #oceancitynj #OCNJ #fight #stabbing ♬ original sound - jpm5041

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