My local Starbucks is ALWAYS jumping. It's drive-thru is one of the busiest in South Jersey, day and night. So this was a strange sight this morning.

Starbucks on Jimmie Leeds Rd. in Galloway is situated near Stockton University and directly across from AtlantiCare hospital. There are always several people loitering about, waiting for their drink orders, studying, and just hanging. There's rarely an empty table.


But, this morning. It was EMPTY. All the tables and chairs have pushed against the wall as local authorities encourage social distancing to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The drive-thru was another story. Cars were lined up around the shopping complex, something we're probably going to see a lot more of at any eatery that has a drive-thru lane. So, I'll be packing my patience. Because stress isn't good for the immune system and because this pandemic is something we're all facing together. We're ALL in the same boat. So, we've gotta be there for each other and chill, even when it's frustrating.

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