In a sea of heartbreaking information amid the coronavirus outbreak, it's great to see so many people and organizations doing the right thing.

Caesars Entertainment Group tweeted that Caesars, Harrah's, and Bally' in Atlantic City are donating their unused food to local food banks and to the AC Rescue Mission now that the casinos are on hiatus due to the spread of the virus.

Imaginably, it's a devastating time for the casino properties, to be completely shutdown and unable to operate. Economically, it could be a nightmare. But to put the financial implications aside to think of the greater good of the community is commendable. Especially because the resources of local food banks will be severely strained as more and more families lose paychecks.
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino also reportedly donated the following, according to 960 dozen eggs, 480 pounds of hard boiled eggs, 200 gallons of orange juice, over 300 gallons of milk, and 1200 pounds of deli meat.

In addition, there is a call for anyone with leftover food and produce to local animal rescues.

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