You no longer have to wear a mask outside in New Jersey and the mask requirement has been lifted in most indoor locations, but many people are still wearing face coverings in supermarkets and businesses.

Some New Jerseyans say while they have been fully vaccinated, they are continuing to mask up out of an abundance of caution.

Many parents with younger children are still wearing masks because their kids are not eligible for a vaccine and they don’t want them to feel weird.

Others say after what we’ve gone through over the past 15 months they just don’t feel comfortable not wearing a mask.

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As he travels around the state, Gov. Phil Murphy sometimes wears a mask, and he said he’s always got one in his pocket because while the mask mandate is mostly lifted in public areas, “there is the ability either for the proprietor or owner or the individual themselves to choose to be stricter than that for whatever reason."

He said he went to a church recently where the pastor still required face coverings.

He noted he has also been in supermarkets and attended political rallies with friends who are vaccinated and they were still wearing masks.

“I don’t think this is forever and for always, but I think there’s going to be a period like this that’s going to last,” he said.

The governor stressed there’s nothing wrong with continuing to wear a mask.

“I think we should be OK with that," he said,

While masking requirements have mostly been lifted indoors, exceptions include state offices, mass transit and health and long-term care facilities.

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