A Jersey Shore travel expert and author, R.C. Staab, is in the midst of walking the entire length of the Jersey Shore and writing stories about each beach town, county, or city park he passes through.

R.C. is not walking the length of the Jersey Shore in consecutive days. What he's doing is walking about 4 or 5 miles at a time, simply returning where he left off each time. Staab is currently through about a quarter of the trek.

And he is really getting a terrific perspective of each area, passing along information as he goes, including things like parking availability, beach badge information and some great photos as well.

Talk about a great idea and a cool perspective, as the stories are written from the perspective of all the boardwalks and beaches along the way. That's a great tribute to the Jersey Shore and a wonderful way to spend the spring and summer.

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Staab says he's hoping to have 60 or more stories published by the end of summer. This great ideas and these wonderful stories and perspectives couldn't come at a better time. if we ever needed a great local story to follow, and one about our beloved Jersey Shore no less, now is that time.

If you want to follow R.C. Staab's work and journey, you can check out 100 Things Jersey Shore. His journey began north at Sandy Hook and he is working his way south toward Cape May.

If you see him, give him some encouragement and thank him for the unique perspective.

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