A mother of an Atlantic City Institute of Technology (ACIT) student has revealed that her daughter was attacked at a recent Boy’s Basketball game that was held at Atlantic City High School.

Megan Nace acknowledged reading our recent coverage about the “riot-like atmosphere” … a phrase used by Atlantic City Board of Education Member John Devlin to describe what took place at the February 2, 2023 game that was held at Atlantic City High School.

If you missed our previous coverage of this incident, here is a link to catch up:

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Devlin previously confirmed that only 4 security guards were working this game, despite the fact that there were high tensions during the last time that ACHS vs. ACIT faced each other in a high school Boy’s Basketball game.

Nace advised that she has been trying to get answers, “I'm waiting to hear back, but, I doubt I am going to get the answers I'm looking for since (an Atlantic City High staff member) has already been very dismissive of me,” said Nace.

Nace told us that she “spoke with my daughters and they told me that they were the only ones brought into the office or even talked to that night and that the (Atlantic City High staff member) continually told them to shut their mouths; also said that they don't deal with this often so they are still figuring out how to handle it and are waiting for footage to become available,” said Nace.

Nace said that The Atlantic City High staff member called “Mr. Potkay, Principal of ACIT) the next day and shared the video footage with him. He (Potkay) later called me (after speaking very kindly to my kids earlier in the day) and told me my daughter was clearly attacked and that the girls were older and couldn't be identified,” said Nace.

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“This morning I spoke with Mr. (Ernest) Jubilee who told me the girls were identified, some were students, and that the (Atlantic City High staff member) would be calling me back,” said Nace.

The Atlantic City High School staff member has never called Nace back.

Ernest Jubilee is a former Atlantic City Police Chief, who we have known for more than 40 years. He was trying to do the right thing by the Nace Family.

It is the Atlantic City public schools administration that continues to fall short of honoring its public obligations.

“I understand that things like this will happen but the fact of the matter is, there wasn't adequate security for the game and this was the aftermath. On top of that, my daughter who was attacked and my other daughter who was also hit once, were not treated like victims and (the Atlantic City High staff member) further stated that my daughter incited a riot, which was 100% not the case,” said Nace.

”The lack of follow-up is really puzzling to me. It's the very least she could do and couldn't even bother calling me back,” said Nace.

“This is the exact reason I didn't send my kids there, not because of the other students, but because of the administration,” said Nace.

“Of course, there's gonna be mayhem if there is no accountability and zero consequences,” said Nace.

Devlin agrees, telling us:

There was a "riot-like atmosphere" at Atlantic City High School, with only 4 security guards working and a few police officers working a sold-out crowd. It took half of the bravo (police) shift to clear out the gym," said Devlin.

Devlin is disgusted about the numerous problems within the Atlantic City Public Schools and the dysfunctional Atlantic City Board of Education.

Devlin did hold back following the February 2, 2023 incident and the “riot-like conditions “ at a school function.

"Lawlessness breeds lawlessness, when you have a superintendent and mayor that don't abide by laws and regulations how do you expect our children to follow suit," said Devlin.

"This kind of leadership promotes an atmosphere where anyone can do anything and they won't be held accountable. With both Smalls in attendance, the scene was riot-like in nature. Not enough security and personnel to handle a sold-out crowd," said Devlin.

"Speaking to people who attended, they feared for their safety, our security officers were outmanned.

“Who would ever hire only four security guards to a sold-out event when everyone knows that there was an issue the last time these two teams met? A classic example of piss poor planning, gives you piss poor results," said Devlin.

NOTE: It now makes a lot more sense to me that Nace demonstrated the courage to publicly comment about her Daughter’s “attack.”

After writing this article, I learned that Nace is on active duty, the United States Air Force and works at the 177th Fighter Wing Air National Guard Base full-time as a Security Forces Flight Chief.

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