The rise in suicide in our country, particularly among young people is alarming.

New Jersey will join the rest of the country this week (July 16th) by implementing a new, easy-to-remember suicide prevention hotline.

The new number: 988.

That three-digit number, good for all USA phones (mobile and landline), will be replacing the current hotline number of 1-800-273-8255.

According to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, "When 9-8-8 becomes the national dialing code for people experiencing a mental health crisis, it will connect callers to suicide prevention and mental health crisis counselors."

The number will be available 24/7 nationwide to anyone "experiencing a behavioral health crisis, including having thoughts of suicide."

Simply put, the 988 number will ensure that anyone anywhere can call 988 for "someone to call, someone to come, and somewhere to go."

The Department of Human Services has prepared this presentation to further explain 988:

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