Thinking about taking a road trip this summer? New Jersey might not be a top choice. New Jersey ranked 41 in the nation for the worst state to road trip, according to a survey by WalletHub.

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When people think about the Garden State, they might think about the Jersey Shore, Liberty State Park or Cape May. One thing a person won’t think of? The scenic routes. New Jersey’s highways ranked very low for scenic routes.

Jill Gonzalez, spokesperson for WalletHub, said the company looked at three different categories: driving and lodging costs, road conditions and safety  -- which New Jersey did well in -- and fun and scenic attractions. The scenic attractions brought New Jersey down in the rankings.

New Jersey also ranked second to last in attractions and it got an even worse rating for the variety of nighttime actions.

Another thing that lowered New Jersey’s rank was the cost of tolls, camping and hotel prices.

The maximum cost of tolls traveling from one end of New Jersey to the other is about $10 more than driving through one of the Carolinas, Gonzalez said.

Prices also increase with hotels and camping. To get a three-star hotel room in New Jersey it is about $100. In other states such as Florida or Arizona, it is about $50. Camping in New Jersey is around $50, that's double the price in places like Nevada and Wyoming.

When going on a road trip, people don’t want to be sitting in traffic, but New Jersey is one of the highest populated states, so it's often unavoidable.

“New Jersey has and still is the most overcrowded state that has the highest population density year to year for about 10 years," Gonzalez said.

According to the study, Oregon ranked first, Nevada second and Minnestoa was third. New York, Florida and Illinois were in the middle of the list. Delaware ranked 47, North Dakota 49 and Connecticut ranked last.

According to Gonzalez, Oregon, Nevada, Minnestoa ranked high because when driving there the passengers of the car can see some of the most beautiful places. That diversity and a cheaper price than most other states combined is great for road tripping.

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