KEANSBURG — When police responded to a call about a child burned by water, they found a potentially more serious situation involving an even younger child.

During their investigation Thursday afternoon at the Briarwood Avenue home, police say they learned that the mother had thrown a car seat — with her 6-month-old baby still strapped in — at his father.

The baby suffered what was described as a "minor head injury" and was examined by members of the EMS who were already on the scene.

Robbolino was taken to the Keansburg Police Department where she was charged with one count of assault and one count of endangering a child. She was then taken to the Monmouth County Jail without bail.

As for the 5-year-old, she was injured after she  bumped into the stove, which caused the hot water to splash onto her face. She was treated at the scene and taken to Bayshore Hospital for more treatment.

The New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency was also called to the scene.


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