BERKELEY — A township man has been charged in connection to Sunday night's attack on two McDonald's workers.

Police said the workers were attacked by two customers who were upset that their food order was incorrect. One worker was left with a wrist injury and the other received stitches after he was slashed with a knife.

Kwasi Mayweather, 31, was charged with disorderly conduct, a petty disorderly persons offense that is heard in Municipal Court, police announced Wednesday.

Police, however, said "more charges are possible" as they continue investigating "details involving the alleged stabbing and injuries."

Police also said Wednesday that "no evidence existed regarding the other occupant of the vehicle having committed a crime."

A 19-year-old worker had told police that a customer — who was upset with his order and angry that the restaurant, which was closing, could only provide him with credit until the following day — banged the takeout window, threw his bag of food at the worker and then grabbed the worker through the window.

In trying to close the window, the worker said he injured his wrist.

A 21-year-old worker went outside to confront the customers and was stabbed during a struggle, police said.

Lawrence Larsen, the owner and operator of the restaurant, said the business was cooperating with township police.

"Our biggest priority is always the safety and well-being of our employees and customers at our restaurants," Larsen said in a statement to the Townsquare News Network. "We are grateful for the law enforcement professionals who responded to this situation."

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