A man who'd been accused of leaving a dog outside during July's extreme heatwave is being allowed to adopt her.

Joseph Mannino and Munther Asad were both charged in July with animal cruelty after neighbors reported a 7-year-old mixed breed dog named “Maxina” tied up outside in 100-degree temperatures, Jersey City spokeswoman Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione told NJ.com.

The dog was brought to the Liberty Humane Society — which in a Facebook post described Mannino as the business partner of the original adopter — and put up for adoption. According to the NJ.com story, Mannino was the dog's caretaker while owner Asad was out of the state for an extended period.

Maxina was found to be "other-animal aggressive" and did not get along with other animals, making her difficult to adopt, according to the Facebook post by the shelter.

Mannino regularly visited Maxina at the shelter and brought toys, and the dog was friendly toward him, the shelter wrote. The shelter believed that Mannino was Maxina's best chance at adoption, and it consulted with the prosecutor's office, Maxina was placed with Mannino.

"We believe this is a good opportunity for Maxina, as Mr. Maninno seems committed to providing her with a good life, and LHS is committed to working with this to help make that happen," the shelter wrote.

Mannino agreed to regular welfare checks for a year and agreed to notify the shelter if any problems arise. Mannino also brought home "enrichment items" — toys and tips on making Maxina feel comfortable.

"It is our understanding Mr. Mannino is in the process of resolving his charges with the municipal prosecutor's office," the shelter wrote. "The other party charged was not involved in this adoption process and it is our understanding his case with the prosecutor's Office will proceed in the normal course."