New Jersey state officials have started an initiative to inspect arcade favorites to make sure no one is getting gipped this summer at the Shore.

Everyone has said this at least ONCE in their life, after spending (X) amount of money on an arcade game and end up empty handed: "That game was rigged!"

Well, the State Department of Consumer Affairs wants to make sure Jersey Shore arcades are playing fair. It's all part of their safe summer initiative to make sure people are getting their money's worth.

Watch below from 6abc News:

When you think about it, this benefits everyone involved and establishes trust between players and Jersey Shore arcades. Especially when it's a $40 billion industry.

Here's some of things inspectors are looking out for:

  • nets on the basketball toss are leveled
  • no small basketball hoops
  • basketballs have the correct amount of air pressure
  • no faulty claws!

So, there you have it. If you find yourself taking more prizes home this summer you can thank these inspectors.

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