The wife of a New Jersey volunteer working at site of that Florida condo collapse says Home Depot reached out to apologize after her husband was charged full price for small shovels needed to sift through the rubble.

The wife of task force member Mike Burke posted on Facebook: “What the hell is wrong with The Home Depot? Mike left the building collapse site in Miami to go get smaller shovels to aid in victim recovery. He’s wearing the filthy FEMA uniform that he’s been digging in for days. The manager was unwilling to donate the items or even give Mike a discount. He paid out of his pocket, about $300. I thought they had a reputation for being a community supporter. Disappointing. #homedepotsucks #surfsidebuildingcollapse”

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Candice Cummings Burke later took that post down, and wrote a new one saying someone from Home Depot reached out to apologize for the store manager's response.

New Jersey send their elite team of rescue and recovery specialists to the site of the collapse last week. Many task force members have experience dealing with previous collapsed buildings. Some worked at the site of the World Trade Center after the 911 attacks.

Rescue efforts have been halted at the Florida site, and moved to full-scale recovery after local officials concede there was "zero chance" of survival. No voids or open spaces have been found in the rubble capable of sustaining life.

Members of New Jersey Task Force One joined with other teams in a somber moment of silence to honor the dead, before resuming efforts to retrieve the remans of dozens still listed as missing.

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