Democratic Congressman Jeff Van Drew said he doesn't think he'll change his mind and suddenly support impeachment of President Donald Trump, as public hearings continue in Washington D.C.

“I would imagine that I’ll be voting no — now I always have a codicil, if there’s something new, something we haven’t heard, something that really rises to the level of treason or you know a high crime, that would be different. But we don’t see that," Rep. Van Drew said while on Fox News "Sunday Futures" with Maria Bartiromo.

Van Drew represents Congressional District 2, which spans Cape May, Atlantic, Cumberland, Salem and parts of Burlington, Ocean, Gloucester, Camden Counties.

He and Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson were the two House Democrats who voted no on the resolution Oct. 31.

"You don’t disenfranchise voters, millions upon millions of voters; voters choose their leaders in America," Van Drew also said during the segment that aired Sunday.

When asked by Bartiromo if he’s a "lone wolf" in standing against impeachment, Van Drew said he won't know how other representatives are leaning, but that there is some discussion "quietly, privately, of concern."

“What I’m hearing out in the street is — with most people is — they’re kind of tired, they’re kind of worn out they’re kind of bored- and they really want to move on unless there’s something new and amazing, We know the endgame here," Van Drew said on Sunday in the segment shared on the Fox News website, as seen below.

Van Drew has been a Fox News guest multiple times in the past several months alone, including with host Tucker Carlson on Sept. 25, during which he also discussed his opposition to the Democratic Party's push for impeachment before the resolution was voted on.

Trump thanked Van Drew on Twitter on Sept. 29, partially quoting him from a Fox and Friends appearance and adding “Thank you. Just another Witch Hunt by Nancy Pelosi and the Do Nothing Democrats!”

Van Drew also spoke on-camera with CBS Philly about a week ago, after his vote against an impeachment inquiry. Appearing along a beachfront, Van Drew spoke again about disenfranchising voters through the impeachment process. He said in the CBS Philly clip, "There are some things that the President said that we don't feel comfortable with, that doesn't mean he gets impeached."

The October impeachment inquiry vote was heavily partisan, as 194 Republicans voted "No" to the impeachment inquiry. 3 Republicans did not vote. 2 Democrats voted "No," 231 Democrats voted "Yes," and one Independent (of Michigan) voted "Yes."

Van Drew’s Sunday interview was days after the first public hearings on the inquiry, with testimony from William Taylor, current top diplomat in Ukraine, Marie L. Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs.

A headline on an earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to Van Drew as New Jersey's only Democratic representative. He's the state's only Democratic Congressional representative to say he opposes impeachment of Republican President Donald Trump.

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