"It's a cat-tastic day for the felines of New York and the many people who love them."

Those words came from NY Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal who was just beaming with pride as New York state this week became the first in the nation to ban the declawing of cats. And a number of politicians here in New Jersey want us to be next.

In New York, declawing will come with a $1,000 fine. Their law takes place immediately.

In New Jersey, Sen. Troy Singleton and Vin Gopal are the primary sponsors of S1209. That bill was voted up by committee but the companion bill in the Assembly still lingers. It took the New York bill four years to pass so this one isn't going anywhere.

When this one becomes law it would bring with it a charge of a disorderly persons offense and a penalty of up to $1,000 and up to 6 months in prison. A violator would also be subject to civil penalties between $500 to $2,000.

All other problems apparently having been solved in New Jersey, I'm sure these hack politicians won't rest until this dream is realized. But let's step back a moment and use our brains. Why do people declaw their pet cats? So they don't destroy their homes. Do all cats have homes who need homes? Hardly. New Jersey has a feral cat population of 2 million. Think about that.

If you truly love cats and want them to find good homes, don't make the person who is kind-hearted enough to take them in a criminal because they had the one stipulation that they didn't want their home destroyed. Declawing of cats is not as invasive as it once was. By getting their way these so-called animal lovers will only guarantee an increase in homeless cats. Is that really a win?

Now that New York is patting themselves on the back over this stupid, short-sighted law you can bet when the legislature reconvenes here in Jersey Singleton and Gopal will be hot and heavy on this. Buffoonery at its finest.

Meanwhile, still number 1 in property tax.

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