A poll was released a few days ago designed to make you feel like an unenlightened Neanderthal if you don't agree that illegal immigrants should have driver licenses.

The numbers were shocking. Almost 2 to 1. Fifty-four percent saying they are all in on the idea. The people polled were registered and likely voters, so this is meant to let you know that it certainly wasn't illegals answering the pollster's calls.

Further, more than sixty percent of Democrats were in favor of allowing illegal immigrants legal driving rights but a shocking forty-seven percent of Republicans were as well. Of the 561 people surveyed, eighty percent were white.

Hmm. Strange thing for them to add in my opinion. Pointing out the race of those surveyed when race really shouldn't have anything to do it. If all this sounds a bit strange to you too, here's what you need to know.

Don't believe a word of it.

The organization that released this poll is none other than Let's Drive NJ. That's an advocacy group pushing for the very legislation it is polling about. This is like when you hear a poll says 87% of pet owners buy Christmas presents for their dogs and cats and then you find out PetSmart conducted the survey. A vested interest should cast doubt on their methodology.

Let's Drive NJ's own 'about' section from their website says...

Let's Drive NJ brings together nearly seventy community, faith, labor, social service and advocacy organizations to push to expand access to drivers' licenses in the Garden State. Too often, otherwise qualified drivers face barriers to obtaining a license -- vulnerable populations like undocumented immigrants.

Judging by not only the calls and emails we receive whenever this issue comes up on the show but also by every family member, friend, acquaintance or stranger I talk to or overhear talking about it, very few seem to be in favor of legitimizing the massive illegal population in New Jersey. This is a poll I'd say to throw right in the trash where it belongs.

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