Enough already. A state of emergency for four-inches of snow? C'mon. It's getting ridiculous.

First the Governor says publicly that he'd be happy to have NJ known as the "Brine State". This is a reference to the panicked and unnecessary over-reaction to the failed response to a November storm. Instead of admitting his double failure (yes, last March he was at a comedy club during a major storm), he engages and mobilizes a major snow response EVERY time there is even a hint of snow in the forecast.

Better safe than sorry you say? This costs money and other resources not to mention lost production and school days. Leading by fear shows the sheer incompetence of an administration unsure how to actually deal with crisis and adversity.

It has snowed in New Jersey before. I cannot remember a time when government panicked every time we were potentially in a buffer zone for a few flakes. Yes, you have to take care when driving in inclement weather. Thunderstorms during the Spring and Summer have been worse than some of the so-called emergencies we've had this season.

I do not fault the superintendents for closing or dismissing early. The head of the state is calling an emergency, you better not be the one telling your teachers and kids to toughen up and get to school. That said, isn't it time to toughen up Jersey? We are certainly stronger than the Governor would have you believe.

There are plenty of states who deal with snow and ice on a regular basis throughout the winter months. And guess what, they still get the kids to school and still manage to commute to work. We are doing damage by having a government that panics every time the forecast calls for anything other than sunny skies. Other than rapidly becoming a joke, we are hurting commerce, education and costing taxpayers millions more than we can afford.

Stop whining and stop brining, Governor. It's time for the rest of us to get to work.

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