In just a matter of days, over $103,000 has been raised for an Atlantic City police officer who was shot while responding to a robbery call during Labor Day Weekend.

During the early morning hours of Saturday, September 3rd, ACPD officers responded to Arkansas Avenue near Caesars' parking garage for the report of a robbery. As soon as they arrived, gunshots were exchanged and 29-year-old Officer Joshlee Vadell was shot. One suspect was shot and killed at the scene by another officer, two other men were later arrested.

Coby Frier, a local business owner and resident of Atlantic City, teamed up with PBA Local 24 to raise funds for Officer Vadell. In just a week and a half since the shooting, over $103,000 has been raised by 1,100 people who have made donations through a GoFundMe page. The donations range from $25 and $50 from individuals to thousands of dollars from area businesses.

Late last week, published reports said Ofc. Vadell's condition was improving.

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