The heavy-handed tactics by the Absecon City Council vs. Deputy Volunteer Fire Chief Dale Conover continues to ratchet-up.

Ashley Nicole Conover has confirmed on her social media platform that her Father (Dale) was not permitted to enter the Absecon Fire Department last evening and that the police escorted Dale Conover back to his vehicle to leave the premises.

This is not a criticism of the Absecon Police Department, who do a great job. They are simply following direct orders, which I’m sure they find very distasteful vs. a fellow superior public safety officer.

Here is what Ashley Nicole Conover had to say about the treatment that her Father received last night.

For the people treating my dad like a criminal all
because of his opinion KARMA will get you . You
should be ashamed of yourselves … Police
escorted my dad last night to his truck and
wouldn't let him in the firehouse. Then they
guarded the house for hours after . A guy that gave
his life for 40 years and saved lives all because
some people don't like him, his opinions, and don't
want him in that firehouse anymore including

We have been reporting about this from the beginning. If you missed our earlier coverage … these two links will catch you up.

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After publicly declaring that they were not involved with the Dale Conover matter, The Absecon City Council became very involved and they have referred the matter to arbitration.

This, despite the fact that Conover appeared to resolve the dispute between the Police Chief, Fire Chief and Council Solicitor.

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Instead of accepting the reasonable agreement, Council refused to allow more than 30 Absecon residents from speaking at a recent Council meeting and announced the  protracted arbitration scheme.

Here is the social media post that started it all.

Dale Conover Facebook.
Dale Conover Facebook.

Here is a copy of the Absecon Volunteer Fire Chief Roy Talley letter detailing a suspension for Conover to serve. Conover rejected this and then proceeded to negotiate the alternative suspension route detailed above.

Harry Hurley TSM.
Harry Hurley TSM.

For partisan political reasons, this whole situation has unnecessarily deteriorated.

The facts support that this is a political attack against Conover, because he served a suspension that both the police and fire chief and city council solicitor agreed would end the matter once and for all.

The Council solicitor was confident that he could sell the agreement to City Council.

In the end, City Council wouldn’t sign on to the deal and opted to protract the matter.

Conover has served the Absecon Volunteer Fire Department for more than 40 years.

NOTE: Upon advice from his attorney, Dale Conover was unable to provide us with a public comment for this report.

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