Very warm air will keep high temperatures in the 80s for at least two more days in the Garden State.

Here are your weather headlines for Tuesday, October 18, 2016...

Record Breaking Temps

Even though mid-October normal high temperatures are in the mid 60s, Mother Nature doesn't care in the slightest. As warm air rises into New Jersey from the southwest, thermometers will spike into the lower to mid 80s for Tuesday (and Wednesday too). That gives the week a real summerlike vibe - you might have to switch the thermostat from "heat" back to "AC" for the next few days!

80+ degree temperatures are not that unusual in October. Newark averages 2 a year, with a maximum of 9 in 1954. 60 out of 85 years of record had at least one 80 degree day in October. (Data from the Applied Climate Information System)

Forecast high temperatures are expected to range between 80 and 86 degrees on Tuesday. That would be warm by summer standards, nevermind the middle of fall. Record high temperatures are in jeopardy:
--Newark: 80° (1964)
--Trenton: 82° (1908)
--Atlantic City: 83° (1908)

Yes, we may break 108 year-old record highs at Trenton and Atlantic City on Tuesday. Newark will almost certainly smash through that record high of only 80 degrees.

Tuesday will feature bright sunshine once again. A stiff southwesterly breeze will also pick up to 20 to 25 mph at times.

Overnight lows will fall only to the lower to mid 60s, under clear skies. Usually, we would look for low temperatures in the mid 40s around this time of year - so we're holding 20 degrees above normal. Incredible!

Another warm day is on deck for Wednesday, with highs returning to the lower to mid 80s. Winds will be lighter. The day will begin mostly sunny, with increasing clouds late.

Cooldown #1: Scattered Showers

You know the 80s won't last forever. And our first step downward in temperature will come Thursday. Mostly cloudy skies will accompany scattered showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures will be limited to the lower to mid 70s for Thursday afternoon. But, notably, that's still 5 to 10 degrees above normal!

Some clouds and showers may carry into Friday as well. But we should hold onto highs in the 70s for one more day too.

Cooldown #2: Welcome Back, Fall

A strong cold front is expected to push across New Jersey by early Saturday morning, ushering in a much cooler and drier air mass. The weekend will be much more reminiscent of fall, with a renewed autumn chill in the air (to say the least).

Highs on Saturday and Sunday will struggle to reach the lower 60s. Our weather will be pretty blustery too, with regular wind gusts over 25 mph. At least the drying air throughout the atmosphere will cue sunshine by Saturday afternoon.

Morning temperatures through early next week will be chilly, probably near 40 degrees. But I don't see any big "freeze" concerns looming for the Garden State.

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