Squiggy the rooster is missing and the folks at Funny Farm Animal Rescue in Mays Landing are not laughing.

The rooster they call "the most famous rooster in the world" flew the coop on Nov 8th and hasn't been seen since. Funny Farm says that day was a busy one with many visitors at the rescue and they are hoping that Squiggy's disappearance was just a mistake.

They can't be sure yet if Squiggy was stolen or somehow accidentally ended up in a visitor's vehicle. Funny Farm owner Laurie Zaleski says she won't ask questions or press charges as long as Squiggy is returned safely as soon as possible.

Otherwise, Funny Farm has many surveillance cameras and they seem confident they will be able to see what happened to Squiggy by checking the videotape footage.

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According to a Facebook post from Funny Farm, Squiggy is a small rooster who thinks he is a kitten because he was an orphan raised in a house with cats and dogs.

Anonymous donors and supporters of Funny Farm have donated hundreds of dollars bringing the reward for the return of Aquiggy to $1800 as of Sunday night.

If you have information about Squiggy, you are asked to call Laurie at 609-742-9410

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