Some people call it "Drowned Valley Reservoir," but we all know it as the beautiful clear water Round Valley Reservoir in Clinton, New Jersey.

Back in 1960, the New Jersey Water Authority constructed two dams, flooding a valley in what is Clinton Township, Hunterdon County. The lake is 180 feet deep in some areas and is the southernmost body of water with natural lake trout. It's a favorite spot for freshwater fisherman, not only from New Jersey but surrounding states as well.

It's been nicknamed "The Bermuda Triangle" of New Jersey for the 26 people who have disappeared without explanation since 1971 in its deep waters. In six of those cases, the bodies have never been found.

It is rumored that famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau took his mini-submarine into its waters and proclaimed it to be one of the strangest places he'd ever seen. Stories abound of people getting their anchors caught on something and being pulled off by a powerboat only to find the body of a drowned fisherman at the end of the anchor. The man was fully clothed and had been missing for three or four years.

Also, reports of strange colored lights hovering over the lake have been made shortly after the formation of the lakes 60 years ago.

Perhaps part of the mystery and odd experiences may be traced back to the lost community that sits at the bottom of the reservoir. This documentary takes a look at the formation of Round Valley.

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So what exactly does the bottom of Round Valley Reservoir look like? This is fascinating footage.

Of course, one of the most beautiful bodies of water in our state would have to come with some ominous legend. You can read and hear all of it in detail in this story from Weird NJ.

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