The list of Republicans not supporting Donald Trump has grown to include student Republicans at Rutgers.

Najum Junaid, vice-chairman of Rutgers Republicans, told the student newspaper, the Daily Targum, they will not endorse Trump or any other candidate for the November election.

“This election is particularly divisive, and our leadership team and our organization as a whole can’t reach a consensus on whether or not any candidate in this election represents the Republican Party’s core values."

Junaid said Trump's behavior played a role in their decision.

“The way he’s acted on his campaign trail and the way he’s acted previously don’t give a good indication of who he’ll be as a president. That’s kind of why a lot of people don’t want to support him immediately," Junaid told the newspaper.

Juniad told the Targum the club will support Republicans in local races and suggests student Republicans "vote their conscience up and down the ticket”

Princeton University's Republican Club has also declined to endorse Trump. On its Facebook page the club said it will work to promote "Republican policies — limited government, the free market system, a strong national defense" and will look at supporting candidates in the congressional elections.

The FDU College Republicans, however, are supporting Trump.

"The College Republicans at Fairleigh Dickinson University are proud to be early supporters of Mr. Trump this election season, and members have put in countless hours in support of his campaign, along with the campaigns of other candidates that have been in support of Mr. Trump's message," the club wrote on its Facebook page.

The FDU group criticized Republicans Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush for not supporting Trump and said they have "bought in to the misrepresentations and lies perpetuated by the media."

Earlier this year — before Trump clinched the Republican nomination — former primary race rival Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Trump, a longtime friend. He told Townsquare Media's Eric Scott his primary goal was keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House — even if the endorsement bothered some other Republicans.

Meg Whitman, a Hewlett-Packard executive who had been Christie's finance co-chair, back in February described the endorsement as an “astonishing display of political opportunism.”

The only Hispanic Republican Lawmaker in New Jersey, Maria Rodriguez-Gregg, said this summer she won't support Trump because she wants a candidate who “unifies” the diverse communities she’s known over her life.


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