NOTE: Above you can see the damage to the back right rear panel of The Hope One Super vehicle.

In a WPG Talk Radio, “Hurley in the Morning” exclusive, we confirmed (yesterday) the news that the Atlantic County Hope One super vehicle was involved in a crash of suspicious origin.

Suspicious in that the Atlantic County Chief Warrants Officer Tim Reed appears to have filed two different official causes for the crash.

To The Hammonton Police, Reed appears to make it look like he was the victim of a hit-and-run driver, in a moving vehicle.

In the County of Atlantic insurance report, Reed acknowledges that he hit a parked truck.

Both versions simply can’t true.

Here is a copy of the Hammonton Police Department report:


The above report details two moving vehicles involved in a crash. This is not true.

Now, here is a copy of the County of Atlantic, Department of Law official initial report liability-auto. You will see that the report is from Chief Warrant Officer Reed.

In this report, Reed tells a different story. On this official report, he acknowledges hitting a parked truck.

Reed is a former Chief of Police. I find it fantastical that Reed would file two official statements, diametrically opposite.

In the police report, Reed says he was struck by a gray truck, who he said left the scene of the accident.

In the County of Atlantic official report, Reed confirms that he was the at fault driver, who hit a parked truck.

Here is a copy of the County of Atlantic official report:


Atlantic County Sheriff candidate Joe O’Donoghue and Mario Suarez (retired Atlantic City Police Officer) just happened to be on the scene when this crash occurred.

They both confirmed to me that Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler was on the scene at or just after the time of the accident.

We’ve also learned and confirmed that Atlantic County undersheriff Mike Petuskey was trying to do the right thing.

He requested repeatedly of Reed to provide him with a copy of the police report. We have confirmed that Reed has had a copy of the Hammonton Police report since July 22, 2020.

I have copies of emails whereby Petuskey writes: “I am left picking up the pieces.” “This is getting old.” “As I said, I am out.” “I am not taking responsibility,” wrote Petuskey.

Reed also portrayed the damage as very minimal ($ 500 or less).

Here’s a closeup photo of the damage to the rear right panel:


In an earlier report, we provided a copy of an estimate exceeding $ 14,000.

Additionally, I have obtained a copy of a CAD Activity report, which states that Reed “was very vague as to the other party either leaving the scene or being told to leave.”

The owner of the pick-up truck has confirmed to O’Donoghue and Suarez that Reed told him that there was minimal damage to the Hope One super vehicle and that he could leave.

Reed apparently never obtained the truck owner’s name or his vehicle information.

Reed allegedly reported that the owner of the truck went to get his identifying documents and instead left the scene.

The mounting evidence appears to confirm that this never happened.

It appears that a Scheffler has taken little, to no action regarding Reed. Also, prior to the crash, Scheffler publicly stated that no Sheriff employees or County funds are used with The Hope One super vehicle.

Both of these statements are false. Reed drove the vehicle and County funds are clearly used; including the County insurance claim.

Multiple sources have confirmed that this matter remains under investigation.

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