SEASIDE HEIGHTS — If you come to the beach to cool off you'll, have to do it quietly.

A trial ban on boom boxes, audio speakers and "similar audio amplification equipment" on the borough's beaches is in effect starting Friday, after the borough council passed the ban at Wednesday's meeting.

"If you wish to listen to music with a personal device such as an iPhone or smartphone, please use your earbuds. We want all of our guests to enjoy themselves on the beach," reads a message from the borough.

Borough mayor Anthony Vaz told Lavallette-Seaside &Ortley Beach Shorebeat beachgoers are not only bringing radios but DJ speakers.

"If you go to the beach to rest and relax, you’re okay with a radio playing, but not these things blasting," Vax said.

Vaz told the news site that there are curse words sometimes being blasted by the speakers, with children present.

Signs are posted around the beach informing beach goers of the ban. Vaz told Shorebeat if the 60-day trial goes well, a formal ordinance would be put up for a vote in September.

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