Police are looking for a man and woman who are part of a muilti-state shoplifting team that has stolen thousands of dollars of goods from Toys R Us stores from Maryland to the Jersey Shore.

While that pair of suspects remains at large, authorities in New Jersey have charged another alleged shoplifting duo — a mother and daughter team accused of ripping of JC Penny stores up and down the east coast.

In both cases, the suspects took items from one store and returned them for refunds at other stores.

Toms River Police and Toys R Us security said the man and woman may be traveling in a four-door gold Cadillac.

Toms River Police asked anyone with information about this pair to call 732-349-0150.

State Attorney General Christopher Porrino on Thursday charged Caroline Britt, 47, and her daughter, Breanna Britt, 23, for running a shoplifting ring that stole expensive cosmetics from Ultra stores and then returned them to JC Penney stores in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. They made about $107,000 in fraudulent returns, according to Porrino.

Caroline is at the Bergen County Jail on unrelated charges while a warrant was issued for Breanna's arrest.

“Alleged thieves like the Britts would have little to deter them if they only faced shoplifting charges, but by uncovering the full scope of their activities, we’ve charged them with serious crimes,” Porrino said. “We’ll continue to work closely with the industry to prosecute these criminal enterprises aggressively.”

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