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We don’t have to be research scientists to realize that our metabolism slows with age. We lose muscle mass and our metabolism decreases by about 5% for every decade past age 40.  Here's the good news - no matter what our age, we can take steps to keep our metabolism humming.

Even if we are sitting down our body is burning calories. It is called our resting metabolic rate. If your resting metabolic rate is 1,200 calories per day at age 40, it will be around 1,100 at age 50, which means if you keep eating the same you will gain between five to ten pounds every year. muscle is much more metabolically active than fat. So lean, more muscular people have an easier time burning calories at rest than to people with higher proportions of body fat.

In addition to a healthy diet and cardio exercise, a major key to revving up our metabolism is resistance or weight training. By increasing muscle mass on your body, you add fuel to your fat burning furnace and your body will burn more calories long after your workout is over. Try to do some weight training at least two to three times a week. Generally the higher your metabolism the more calories your body will burn throughout the day and here are some do’s and don’ts for keeping your metabolism boosted.

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    Lift Weights

    Building muscle and lifting in the gym can really help you boost your metabolism and lose weight. The more muscle you have the more calories your body burns throughout the day.

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    Keep Stress to a Minimum

    Studies show that being stressed can actually halt your metabolism and lead to weight gain. So if you're trying to lose weight,  then staying stress-free is the way to go.

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    Pick A Splurge Day

    Pick one day a week where you eat without restrictions, then go back to a minimal calorie diet.  It will help you burn more fat and boost your metabolism. Many calorie -restricted diets can actually slow down your metabolism, so having one day a week to bring it back up will help a lot.

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    Eat Protein

    Making sure to eat plenty of protein will help boost your metabolism tremendously especially if you eat low fat protein like chicken or fish.

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