It was a trying afternoon for many in Galloway Township yesterday afternoon after a 9-1-1 call about a suspicious "ticking" package was reported in a trash can near a day care.

Galloway Police say the call came in just after 1pm about a suspicious package in front of 45 South New York Road. Shortly thereafter, an evacuation took place of area businesses - and of a day care center, with infants and toddlers.

According to Detective/Sgt. Ryan Goehringer,

After the area was safely evacuated, Galloway Twp. Police requested assistance from the following agencies; Atlantic City Police Bomb Squad, Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, Stockton State College Police Department, Oceanville Fire Company, Galloway Twp. Ambulance Squad and Galloway Twp. Public Works. After an investigation by the Atlantic City Police Bomb Squad the device was deemed non explosive and removed from the area. The shopping center was then reopened to the public. Ptl. Justin Butler is conducting the investigation along with the assistance of Det. William Schroer. Galloway Township.

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