Ray Lesniak

Judge approves ExxonMobil settlement; quick appeal promised
For more than a decade, New Jersey sought $8.9 billion in contamination lawsuit against ExxonMobil Corp. but settled for $225 million in March. Tuesday, a New Jersey judge approved the settlement, but an influential Democratic lawmaker who has spearheaded critics blasting the deal said the legal fig…
Christie talks about gas tax hike
As New Jersey lawmakers and special interest groups talk about the need to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF), the idea of a gas tax increase has gained momentum. Gov. Chris Christie has repeatedly said he will not raise taxes, but would he consider a hike on the gas tax?
Gas Tax Hike?
Ever since he's been the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has refused to even consider the idea of raising the state gas tax to pay for transportation repair projects, but Tuesday night on Townsquare Media's Ask The Governor show, he seemed to suggest his position might be shifting. …
Job Growth & Gas Tax Growth
Job creation, not taxation, is the key to turning around New Jersey's struggling economy according to Paul Sarlo, chairman of the state Senate Budget Committee. But Sarlo feels that raising the gas tax is a must for improving the state's decaying roads and bridges.

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