We all know that Jersey driver's are among the best of the best. We (usually) know where we are going, how long it should take, and most importantly, which lane to be in. However, there are certain roads that the unwritten rules need to be clarified. 

Specifically, we need to talk about Tilton Road in Northfield. As Jerseyans we just want to get to our destinations as quickly as possible, and these do's and don'ts are tips to help you do so.

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    Patience, Young Grasshopper

    This is one probably the most important unwritten rules of Tilton Road.

    DO: Watch the cars in front of you! With limited lanes and high-traffic, there are constantly cars turning left and right off the highway. Be patient and slow down unless you want to end up in the backseat of the car in front of you.

    DON'T: Honk your horn. Like, really? Just wait until you're the one trying to make a right turn with cars behind you and people just blaring on their horns. It's rude and quite unnecessary.

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    Switching Lanes?

    Again, it's a tight squeeze on Tilton Road, be a good fellow driver and don't switch lanes unless it's necessary for your turn. It's easy to get into an accident here.

    DO: If you need to turn and you're not in the lane you need to be in, make sure to do it at least a thousand feet before.

    DON'T: Between the traffic and the quick-to-turn-red lights, you're asking for trouble if you change lanes one hundred feet before your turn. Just don't do it, okay?

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    Watch Your Speed

    Because of the mentioned hazards of Tilton Road, it is super important to keep to the speed limit, which is 40 mph.

    DO's: Expect to do between 30-35 and your road rage won't get the best of you!

    DON'T: DO NOT GO 15 MPH. But also don't go 50 mph. It just doesn't work like this on Tilton.

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    Blinkers...Use Them

    DO: USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS! Especially with enough time to allow the cars behind you to slow down and not slam on their breaks.

    DON'T: Just turn with no notice. Tilton is not the road for this type of foolishness. Oh, also don't forget to turn them off. Thanks.

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    Turning Lanes...Use These Too

    Tilton has left turn lanes all along the road, but there are no right turning lanes. This gets tricky because with all of the stores, there are cars slowing down to get off the highway and turning right. Remember the rule of patience? This is where that comes into play.

    DO: If you're in the right lane, expect to be slowing down for the cars in front of you.

    DON'T: Do. Not. HONK. They'll be out of your way soon enough.

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