It's not totally uncommon to hear people say they weren't too keen on beer until they discovered craft beer. Some would refer to those people as "beer snobs." That's not always the case though, since most people end up developing a taste for domestics eventually, too.

There's nothing like the taste of a super delicious craft beer. Usually, if they're locally brewed, they taste even better. Fact? Maybe not, but South Jersey is home to some pretty awesome breweries. The five beers below all sound delicious and are locally brewed right here in our backyard.

  • 1

    New Brighton Coffee Stout

    Tuckahoe Brewing Company

    Tuckahoe Brewing Company is based right in Egg Harbor Township! They brew a bunch of IPAs, but this stout sounds divine. Even though they're normally considered winter beers, the hints of espresso combined with their froth give you a little shot of energy, so it's basically like iced coffee, right?

  • 2

    My Name Is Citrus Maximus

    River Horse

    River Horse Brewing Company in Ewing has a citrus IPA that sounds delicious with white grapefruit and passion fruit infusions! YUM. Not to mention, the label is adorable. It comes in a can, which some craft beer enthusiasts frown upon, but anything citrus-infused always tastes better in a can.

  • 3

    Blueberry Ale

    Pinelands Brewing Company

    The Blueberry Ale from Pinelands Brewing Company of Little Egg Harbor features blueberries from the blueberry capital of the world - Hammonton! Berry-based ales always have a pleasant aftertaste. This one could be dangerous, though, because it's alcohol content is 6.5%! Not too high, but much higher than expected. If you were a betting person, you probably would've guessed between 5-6%.

  • 4

    Moonless Night

    Brotherton Brewing Company
  • 5

    Chai Porter


    Stouts are fabulous, but this porter sounds equally amazing! It's made from chai tea, so it shouldn't taste as dark as a stout, but it will be interesting to see where it falls on the spectrum! This porter is brewed at Tomfoolery in Hammonton.

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