Everyone knows that slot play gives you pretty lousy odds at the casinos. But if you do choose to play slots, you’ll be interested in this data.

Anteresearch.com decided to find out which casino would give you the best odds for slots. So they did a really interesting study where they ranked each casino based on the slot payout over the last year, month-by-month, and the bottom line is Harrah’s and Borgata have the best pay out rates in Atlantic City.

Harrah’s had the best payout for seven months and Borgata for six months (Harrah’s and Borgata were tied in June 2018). They analyzed the figures and then averaged the rankings over the last 12 months for each Atlantic City casino. Harrah’s and Borgata obviously had the best average ranks for 12 months.

Below is a list in descending order of the best slot payouts of all the casinos in Atlantic City. *(Don’t count Ocean Resort and Hard Rock out yet. They are both too new to be accurately represented, which is why they’re at the bottom.)

Wherever you choose to play, Good luck!

  1. Harrah’s
  2. Borgata
  3. Caesars
  4. Bally’s
  5. Golden Nugget
  6. Resorts
  7. Tropicana
  8. Hard Rock*
  9. Ocean Resort*

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