It was 2014 when Tuckerton Police Officer Justin Cherry came upon a traffic stop where two Barnegat officers were struggling to place a motorist under arrest. Cherry released K9 officer Gunner to get the situation under control. He was charged with official misconduct and for the past five years, his life nearly fell apart.

The family lost their home to foreclosure, had to move in with their in-laws after Cherry was suspended without pay. And he's been facing five to ten years in prison.

On Monday, all that changed. A judge acquitted him of wrongdoing. That's it. Of course, his name has been dragged through the mud and his financial future is going to be a struggle for sure. It's impressive to note that his family remained loyal and stayed together through this battle.

Hopefully the 36-year-old will be able to get his job back as a police officer. This is exactly the kind of man we need protecting and serving our community.

Thank you for your courage, strength and perseverance Corporal Cherry.

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