The Bottom Line

Tuesday will be New Jersey's fourth day in a row of spring-tastic weather, although there will be some fog problems and increasing clouds.

Wednesday will not make day number five, as clouds and showers come to play.

A warming trend will carry us through the end of the week with another cooldown for the weekend.  'Tis the saga of March - wild temperature swings, occasional precipitation chances, and a general feeling of "Spring" in the air.


High pressure has been in control of our weather since late last week.  That giant dome of sinking air is responsible for the dry air, mild temperatures, and crystal clear skies.  But now, that high is shifting off the New England coast.  And that means our weather is changing too.

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So, with some moisture back in our atmosphere, patchy dense fog has developed on this Tuesday morning.  It is especially thick along the coast, although the "fog-o-meter" is showing reduced visibility as far inland as Burlington County.

That fog is going to be slow to mix out (burn off) completely and may stick around the shore through about Noon.  I'm hopeful that everyone will get at least a couple hours of sun, before clouds roll in from the west starting around mid-afternoon.

The fog, clouds, and light on-shore breeze will have a minor to moderate effect on temperatures.  For most of the state, I expect lower 60s Tuesday afternoon.  In the "fog zone" near the Shore, we'll likely top out in the 50s.

Tuesday night will be mostly cloudy, with fog possible.  Lows fall into the lower to mid 40s.  That is well above normal for late March.


So far, the month of March has been a dry one.  Month-to-date rainfall is running behind normal across all of New Jersey.  (And outside of South Jersey, we're running way behind.)  There are some rain chances to talk about in the coming days, but no washout days.

Wednesday just looks blah.  Clouds and scattered showers/sprinkles will make for a dreary and occasionally damp day.  There are some differences among our forecast models regarding the spread and intensity of that rain.  I favor sporadic light drizzle through the first part of the day, with the best chance of showers coming late Wednesday.  In any case, final rainfall totals will be fairly unimpressive.

As of a result of the clouds and showers, temperatures will be cooler.  Highs will come down to the lower to mid 50s.  For the record, that's still at/above normal for this time of year.


The bleakness will only last a day, as warmer air surges again on Thursday.  Highs will push into the mid 60s.  (70 is a possibility for inland South Jersey.)

Periods of clouds and sun will accompany a dry weather day.


Even warmer.  Non-coastal New Jersey will make a run for 70+.

An approaching cold front will have two prominent impacts on our weather.  1.) It will be windy, with gusts up to 35 mph.  2.) A chance of showers and even a thunderstorm (especially early in the day).

The Weekend & Beyond

Saturday will turn cooler - but really, it's just a return to the bright, dry, pleasant weather we've enjoyed so much lately.  High temperatures are expected to hit lower 60s, under mostly sunny skies.

Sunday looks less perfect - cooler (50s), breezier, and cloudier.  And there could be some showers passing through the state on Sunday too.

It looks like we'll close out March with temperatures at or below normal.  I'm still not concerned about any winter weather threats.  Although early-season gardeners, beware - overnight freezes will likely be back next week.

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